Yllera 12 meses

The classic Yllera red wine since 1983. Made with a selection of red varieties from the main quality regions of Castilla y León.


Tempranillo, Shyrah and Cabernet Sauvignon 30 – 40 Years old. 

Wine making

Hand harvesting. Double sorting, first in the vineyard and then in the cellar sorting table. De-stemming. Alcoholic fermentation at 28 ºC(82ºF) in stainless steel vats. Daily pumping during the process. Fining, racking and aged in oak barrels and in the bottle.

Tasting Notes

It has a dark cherry red colour and it is clear and brilliant. It is powerful on the nose with pronounced red fruit aromas. The ageing in the oak barrel for 12 months gives a touch of vanilla, blended with spices, liquorice and toast coming through. Notes of chocolate, eucalyptus, leather and tobacco bring elegance and sophistication.

Medium to full bodied in the palate with focused red fruit bouquet. Smooth, clean and velvety texture with a vanilla note on the finish.

Food Pairings:

It is perfect to enjoy with red meats (steaks), lamb, turkey, chicken, cured and semi-cured cheeses.

    • Consumption temperature: 16 – 18ºC (60 – 64ºF).
    • Storage temperature 12-18ºC, bottle on its side.
    • Shelf life: during the next 8 years from the printed date.
    • Contains sulfites.
    • Suitable for vegans.


Oro Mundus Vini 2022
Oro Asia Wine Trophy 2022

Plata Mundus Vini 2021
Oro Bacchus 2021

Oro Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019

  • Oro Berliner Wein Trophy 2015
  • Plata Mundus Vini 2015
  • 90 Puntos Guía Peñín
  • Plata Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013
  • 90 Puntos Guía Peñín

Plata Mundus Vini 2012

  • Oro Berliner Wein Trophy 2011
  • Plata Vinalies Internationales 2010
  • Plata Premios Bacchus 2010
  • Oro Premios Zarcillo 2009
  • 90 – Guía Peñín
  • Plata Berliner Wein Trophy 2010
  • Plata Vinalies Internationales 2010
  • Oro Premios Bacchus 2008
  • Plata Berliner Wein Trophy 2008
  • Oro Premios Zarcillo 2005
  • Plata Primer Gran Premio Técnico de Valladolid de vinos 2005
  • Oro Challenge International du Vin 2005
  • Plata Mundus Vini 2004
  • Gran Oro Vino Liubliana 2003
  • Campeón del hemisferio norte Vino Liubliana 2003
  • Plata: Muvina 2003
  • Plata Vinalies Internationales 2003
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